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For every choice that could have ever been,
A new world is made, only not to be seen.
:iconcodakose:Codakose 16 0
See You on Mars! by Codakose See You on Mars! :iconcodakose:Codakose 2 2 The Pear Prince of Crime by Codakose The Pear Prince of Crime :iconcodakose:Codakose 6 0 Melissa Reinhart by Codakose Melissa Reinhart :iconcodakose:Codakose 5 1 The world is quiet here. by Codakose The world is quiet here. :iconcodakose:Codakose 1 0
The Monsters We Trust
You look for three eyes,
Or the terrible teeth,
Or the horrible hands,
Or the tip of its beak,
But the monsters won't grab you,
In the deep of the night,
They'll wait 'til you trust them,
Then give you a fright.
Cause the monsters among us,
Have two eyes not three,
Their face has no scales,
They look just like me.
And they'll hurt you in ways,
The monsters would not,
They'll scare you to death,
And leave you to rot.
So when you see something,
In the darkness at night,
Don't call out for help,
And try not to fight,
Just wave at the monsters,
And they'll leave you alone,
They'd much rather protect you,
Than damage your home.
But that isn't to say,
That you shouldn't be scared,
There's always a danger,
It's safety that's rare,
But your bedroom is safe,
When you turn off the light,
When the darkness surrounds you,
Your deprived of your sight,
Be safe with the monsters,
They'll treat you as their own,
They won't hit you or hate you,
You're never alone.
:iconcodakose:Codakose 17 4
A Cold Transition
Winter sweeps the night away,
And blankets all in white,
The autumn, quickly cast astray,
Replaced by cold frostbite,
Every year the trite comes near,
To stop our daily travel,
But when the fleece of white is clear,
The old world will unravel.
:iconcodakose:Codakose 4 3
Over the Garden Wall by Codakose Over the Garden Wall :iconcodakose:Codakose 2 0 Steampunk Character Design #001 by Codakose Steampunk Character Design #001 :iconcodakose:Codakose 2 1 Happy birthday DeviantArt! 2016 by Codakose Happy birthday DeviantArt! 2016 :iconcodakose:Codakose 3 0 Buddy! by Codakose Buddy! :iconcodakose:Codakose 4 2
Twist Fate: Jungle Book - Fall of the Monkey King
Among tattered stone walls, riddled with ivy and overgrowth, the clan of monkeys parade and dance, civilly. The sounds of the shindig rattle throughout the jungle, echoing against the many forest trees, causing much of a disruption the natural serenity of jungle life.
The lively party is clearly lead by, none other than, King Louie, the mind of behind the future of the jungle, who stomps and jigs around, followed by his monkey minions attempting to mimic his moves. The dancing and whistling falls to a sudden stop, when two shadowy figures approach from the surrounding leaves and enter the ring of dance. One tall and wide, one small and narrow - the bear and the boy...
They stand, angry and determined, in front of King Louie and his chimps, with fire in their eyes. It is immediately obvious what they are there for - the head of the monkey king. After a moment of intense thought and stern looks, King Louie signals his minions to attack! In a flash, each one pounces towards Mowgli and Bal
:iconcodakose:Codakose 3 0


Dllhost by Nerior Dllhost :iconnerior:Nerior 277 6 ''Daily'' sketch - Beware of Cheetahs. by 0laffson ''Daily'' sketch - Beware of Cheetahs. :icon0laffson:0laffson 138 35 Clockwork by t1na Clockwork :icont1na:t1na 264 10 Untitled by ra-lilium Untitled :iconra-lilium:ra-lilium 586 12 Wandering at the railroad by PabloIOS Wandering at the railroad :iconpabloios:PabloIOS 8 8 Getting dArk by AlexKuhn Getting dArk :iconalexkuhn:AlexKuhn 73 6 Steampunk Mech I by likaspapaya Steampunk Mech I :iconlikaspapaya:likaspapaya 656 63 Project Hamlet by Or1s Project Hamlet :iconor1s:Or1s 23 1 retro flying car by Or1s retro flying car :iconor1s:Or1s 120 8 fish by Or1s fish :iconor1s:Or1s 44 3 PURE STEAM - Steam Harvester by 47ness PURE STEAM - Steam Harvester :icon47ness:47ness 424 44 ether soldier color by Catell-Ruz ether soldier color :iconcatell-ruz:Catell-Ruz 133 22 Steampunk vehicles color by Catell-Ruz Steampunk vehicles color :iconcatell-ruz:Catell-Ruz 584 59 Daily Painting 1674# Chemeleist by Cryptid-Creations Daily Painting 1674# Chemeleist :iconcryptid-creations:Cryptid-Creations 3,263 68 Elsa's New Dress by Artgerm Elsa's New Dress :iconartgerm:Artgerm 6,119 166 Ocean Black by Cadavroux Ocean Black :iconcadavroux:Cadavroux 291 61


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Artist | Student | Varied
United Kingdom
Ticking the "I am an artist" box just feels like I'm lying to someone; like a suit-wearing monkey in a business conference.



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community


For every choice that could have ever been,
A new world is made, only not to be seen.
A quick couplet I wrote based around the parallel universe theory. This was specifically inspired by Bioshock Infinite and its confusing multiverse storyline, which I still don't fully understand.

"ML: Can we get back to the rowing?
FL: I suggest you do, or we're never going to get there.
ML: No, I mean I'd greatly appreciate it if you would assist.
FL: Perhaps you should ask him, I imagine he has a greater interest in getting there than I do.
ML: I suppose he does, but there's no point in asking.
FL: Why not?
ML: Because he doesn't row.
FL: He doesn't row?
ML: No, he doesn't row.
FL: Ah, I see what you mean."

©odakose • DeviantArt
See You on Mars!
"To boldly draw where no man has drawn before."

I combined a photograph of myself and a photograph I found of an astronaut into this pencil drawing. Why? Because who doesn't want to be an astronaut?!

NASA, if you're reading this and need some random scrub lord for a mission, I will gladly drop everything to start training immediately.

If you're not NASA, but you're still here for some reason then, eh, idk. Enjoy?

Credits to NASA and stuff, and kudos to the universe for being so damn interesting.

©odakose • DeviantArt
The Pear Prince of Crime
"All of that chitchat's gonna getchya hurt!", it says, swallowing another bird.

Just a weird mashup for National Biting Pear of Salamanca day, also known as April Fools Day.

Happy April Fools Day, everyone. Have fun, and if you're a bird or any other flying creature, fly high!

Original artwork by ursulav:
Melissa Reinhart
A more photorealistic drawing attempt at a Steampunk themed character I designed. The proportions and positioning of the arms are a little messed up but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Or don't, I'm not picky.
I've thought about doing this a few times, but this year I finally got around to making some cards. Not entirely sure about some of the, erm, 'design choices' - I'm sure sea creatures celebrate christmas too, right guys?.. right? I'm pretty certain there is a sperm whale out there who dons a santa hat and beard once per year, delivering presents to all the little tiddlers and jellyfish. Anyway, I wanted to display these cards before sending them off, so that I may look back at them next year and reminisce, or something; and so that all the amazing deviants out there can view them. I recognise that some of these aren't the best, but, well, you live and learn. The one thing they do all have in common is that they truly do wish a warm and happy christmas to all who receive them.
I wish you all to have a merry christmas, too!
So, without further adieu, the cards:

Behold, the inside!

I even wrote on the back. No part of the card is safe from my wrath!


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