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I know it might be shocking and you may feel betrayed, but, alas, I am not actually an otter.


Melissa Reinhart
A more photorealistic drawing attempt at a Steampunk themed character I designed. The proportions and positioning of the arms are a little messed up but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Or don't, I'm not picky.
You look for three eyes,
Or the terrible teeth,
Or the horrible hands,
Or the tip of its beak,

But the monsters won't grab you,
In the deep of the night,
They'll wait 'til you trust them,
Then give you a fright.

Cause the monsters among us,
Have two eyes not three,
Their face has no scales,
They look just like me.

And they'll hurt you in ways,
The monsters would not,
They'll scare you to death,
And leave you to rot.

So when you see something,
In the darkness at night,
Don't call out for help,
And try not to fight,

Just wave at the monsters,
And they'll leave you alone,
They'd much rather protect you,
Than damage your home.

But that isn't to say,
That you shouldn't be scared,
There's always a danger,
It's safety that's rare,

But your bedroom is safe,
When you turn off the light,
When the darkness surrounds you,
Your deprived of your sight,

Be safe with the monsters,
They'll treat you as their own,
They won't hit you or hate you,
You're never alone.
The Monsters We Trust
Another poem I wrote past midnight, I'm starting to make a habit of this. I've always enjoyed the idea of monsters and otherworldly things living in the dark, just out of sight, but I don't think they mean to be scary, I think that's just who they are and how they live. Most children are scared of the monsters in the dark (some adults too, I'm not one to judge), so I wanted to shine a different light on the concept. As always, please enjoy!

And sleep well :)
Winter sweeps the night away,
And blankets all in white,
The autumn, quickly cast astray,
Replaced by cold frostbite,

Every year the trite comes near,
To stop our daily travel,
But when the fleece of white is clear,
The old world will unravel.
A Cold Transition
A short poem I wrote about winter, and all of its wonderful annoyance. We don't get enough snow for it to actually be annoying, but the imagery is nice, so what the heck?
I wrote this poem using the simple rhyming scheme: a, b, a, b, c, d, c, d.


This poem was inspired by Jack Frost, by Chey-tle
Over the Garden Wall
This is a mash-up of images I found and edited in Photoshop. I tried to keep it simple, but not too boring.
I left out the released date and publishing company information and such because I liked the minimal design more than one which included lots of text.
I discovered Over the Garden Wall and binge watched it within like two days. The show is amazing and I instantly fell in love with it,
and that's a rock fact!

Might make a good phone wallpaper or something. (haven't checked the dimensions, though)

Image of the Beast…
Background Image…
Font (Optimus Princeps)…
I've thought about doing this a few times, but this year I finally got around to making some cards. Not entirely sure about some of the, erm, 'design choices' - I'm sure sea creatures celebrate christmas too, right guys?.. right? I'm pretty certain there is a sperm whale out there who dons a santa hat and beard once per year, delivering presents to all the little tiddlers and jellyfish. Anyway, I wanted to display these cards before sending them off, so that I may look back at them next year and reminisce, or something; and so that all the amazing deviants out there can view them. I recognise that some of these aren't the best, but, well, you live and learn. The one thing they do all have in common is that they truly do wish a warm and happy christmas to all who receive them.
I wish you all to have a merry christmas, too!
So, without further adieu, the cards:

Behold, the inside!

I even wrote on the back. No part of the card is safe from my wrath!


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Steampunk by Joe-Roberts  
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